All Of Our Services


    Seminar, Conference, Exhibition, Dealer Meeting, Press Conference, Presentation Meetings, Training meetings, Sales Meetings, Internal Meetings, Motivation Meetings. Host / Hostess for Meetings, Accommodation, Translation, Design and preparation of visual, sound and light systems, Transfer, air / bus tickets, Stage and Decor, Activity, Dining, Tours, Cocktail organizations.


    Hotel reservations and accommodation services in Turkey and all around the world. Transfers for Accommodation, Flight / Bus tickets, Host / Hostess, and activity organizations upon the request.


    Congress registration service, sponsorship. Host / Hotess for convention, accommodation, translation, visual design and preparation, sound and light systems, transfer, air / bus tickets, stage and decor, amenities, dining, tours, cocktail events.


    Both indoor and outdoor activities, opening, invitation and ceremonies, corporate trainer for the team games, artistic production, sunday activities, expo activities, direct marketing activities, thematic activities, cocktail, banquet and gala night. Host / Hostess for the events, visual design and preparation, sound and light systems, transfer, stage, artists and decor for organizations.


    Incentives to increase motivation, Invitation trips, domestic and foreign special interest tours, cultural tours, boat tours, City tours, island tours, bike tours. For excursions, accommodation, guides, transfers, airfare, meals and cocktail events.


    İsttanbul Health Service organizes travel, transport, hotel reservations, to the hospital entrance, treatment follow with your family doctor in Turkey or all around the world.


    Field, the terminal transfers. A day or a long term car rental with driver. Inner city tours, bus and minibus hire. Transfers to welcome, host / hostess and guide the organization.

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